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Amish Videos
Amish Videos
Amish Videos

We felt like the best way to learn about the Amish is to watch
informational videos about Amish history and lifestyle.   You'll be able
to brush up on your understanding of the Amish as well as see Amish
country after spending just a few minutes watching our videos!

This first Amish video begins by telling the history of the Amish,
including their struggles and flight from Europe to North America.  As
the video progress, we learn about the Amish homes, lifestyle,
children, and customs.  The video was filmed as a school history
project in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Katelyn and
Matthew Hartsock...
Amish Videos
The Amish traditions and life
are somewhat difficult to
understand.  By providing
videos that inform about the
Amish, it is much easier for all
ages to comprehend the story
by way of a visual explanation.
You'll also taste the beautiful
countryside as well!
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amish videos
amish video
Learn some Amish words in this video...
amish video
This Amish video teaches the days of the week in Pennsylvania Dutch.
This Amish video tells about Amish life...