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Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a city having a population of almost 500,000 people.  Being part of Penn's 1681 Woods Charter,
Lancaster was first known as Hickory Town.  It was renamed for Lancaster, England, and has as its symbol, the rose, after the
House of Lancaster.  Being officially incorporated as a borough in 1742, then a city in 1818, Lancaster was briefly the capital of the
colonies when the Continental Congress fled Philadelphia.

Lancaster is a great city to visit, as it has many sights and attractions, such as Penn Square, Fulton Opera House, the Central
Market, Lancaster County Prison, and Trinity Lutheran Church.  The older buildings in Lancaster are a fantastic display of restoration
and preservation.  Famous founding Americans walked the streets of Lancaster, and today tourists flock to this city to see the
attractions.  Below is a video tour of sites around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: