Amish Country Vacation...

Amish Country Vacation!
Amish Country
Vacations in
Amish Country?

Yes, taking a vacation in
Amish country is quite
easy to do.  After booking
a nearby hotel or bed and
breakfast, simply plan the
Amish towns you wish to
visit and map out your
route.  As you travel
through the land of the
Amish on your vacation,
you can make stops when
Amish Country Vacation
Why not take some time to
visit  Amish country by
planning an Amish country
vacation?  Enjoy the simple
life and slow things down,
going back your roots.  You
will see the 1800's sort of
come to life in modern day by
visiting Amish country on your educational trip!
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and where you wish.  The slower
pace of just "being where you will," is
quite relaxing and fun. Beats a hectic
"do it all" vacation, doesn't it?

To help plan your Amish country
, we have a list of Amish
country lodging for your review.
Lastly, we recommend exploring this site to research the different Amish restaurants, stores and
attractions found within the Amish country region where you wish to spend your vacation.  For example,
if visiting Holmes County on vacation, you will want to take a look at the
Ohio Amish Country page.

Note: Remember that Sundays in Amish country are honored, so most stores and restaurants are
closed, while many hotels and inns remain open.  You will want to plan for this in advance by possibly
making Sunday a travel day to or from Amish country
, or simply sight-seeing.
Amish Country Vacation!
We also recommend exploring the Amish towns to figure out
what you would like to see and do while on vacation.
amish country vacation
Enjoy this vacation video of Lancaster County's Amish Country...