Amish Country Ohio...Ohio Amish Country...Amish Country Ohio...Ohio Amish Country...

Amish Country Ohio
Ohio Amish
Amish Country Ohio

Amish country in Ohio is
centered in Holmes County,
situated about an hour and
a half south of Cleveland.  
Being the definition of
“Amish Country Ohio,”
Holmes County is filled with
small Amish towns dotting
picturesque farmland.  Even
neighboring counties, such
as Stark, Wayne and
Tuscarawas also have small
Amish border towns near
Amish Country Ohio
If you make a visit to Amish
country in Ohio, you will find a
quaint, scenic place that is a
fantastic place to visit.  

Holmes County is the largest
settlement of Amish people
and source of quality Ohio
Amish made products that are
sold around the world.
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near the Holmes County map line (see
Amish Country Maps).  

The life in Ohio Amish country is one of
hard work, hardy eating and close-knit
community – especially if one is
There are
Amish Auctions, Amish flea
Amish Hardware, Amish
Lumber, Amish country wine, Amish
cheese, Amish meats,
Amish Food,
coupled with some of the best shopping
One can find everything imaginable in Amish country Ohio, as Amish
craftsmen (and craftswomen) create not only
Amish furniture, but
Amish quilts, crafts, toys and more!  Some of the best Amish
food can also be found in Ohio’s Amish country, as family-style
restaurants featuring home-cooking are extremely popular.  
anywhere!  Hundreds of small shops decorate the quaint
communities where all sorts of goods may be found.
Ohio Amish Country
amish country ohio
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of Ohio Amish country...