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Amish Country Lodging!
Amish Country
Looking for
Lodging in Amish

We have compiled a list
of lodging available in
Amish country.  As there
are different ways to stay
while visiting Amish
country, the lists are quite
extensive.  You'll find
hotels, inns, bed and
breakfasts, campgrounds
and cabins as possible
Amish Country Lodging
We have compiled one of the
most comprehensive lists of
lodging within Amish country
you'll find.  

You'll be amazed that so
much lodging is available in
such picturesque and rustic
countryside.  Enjoy...
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Contact the webmaster at:
accommodations.  Most listings have a website with more information
and pictures, so we think it best to research whatever lodging you are
most interested in before booking any reservations.

Pennsylvania Amish Country Lodging - Lancaster County

Indiana Amish Country Lodging - LaGrange & Elkhart Counties

Ohio Amish Country Lodging - Holmes County Area
As the types of lodging in Amish country vary drastically, you should give some thought in
advance of your stay as to the type of experience you desire.  For example, do you wish to stay
outside of Amish country in a traditional hotel, or do you prefer to try a different experience such
as living in a cabin, or older home right in the heart of Amish country?  Some may choose to
stay at campsites using a camper or tent, especially if a family is looking to take in some nature
while in such a beautiful countryside.

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