Amish Country!

Amish Country!
Amish Country Holmes County Ohio!
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Amish Country!
Welcome to Amish Country!

We travel the Amish community looking to
provide insight into Amish culture, history and
products, and
Amish country vacation
information.  In other words, enjoy your visit
into the Amish land, where only the Amish
and the Amish ways of living are explored.
The largest settlement of
Amish towns is in Holmes
and Wayne Counties, in
northeast Ohio, although the

Amish o
f Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania seem to be
more widely known.  The third largest
settlement of Amish is found within
Amish country.  

Today, Amish villages and their country roads
are becoming quite popular due to Amish
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Amish Country!
area tourism and the deep
interest in Amish traditions.
It seems many wish to go
back to their roots, if even
for a day by exploring the
slower paced Amish ways,
lifestyle, and scenery.

Are you looking to
visit Amish country
and need a place
to stay?  

Take a look at
Amish Country

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learn more about
including history,
lifestyle and more
by watching more
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